Laverie Vallee aka Charmion

by noticingbones

charmion 1

Laverie Vallee better known by her stage name Charmion was a prominent strongwoman and trapeze artist made notable by her filmed performance in 1901 by Thomas Edison.

She was notorious for beginning her act in full Victorian attire and gradually disrobing down to her acrobat leotard all while staying on the trapeze.  At the time such an act was considered quite risqué, in fact, so much so that when Edison filmed it, he placed two men enthusiastically enjoying the performance so that the viewing audience could feel better about watching a woman strip.

Charmion’s scandalous performances resulted in a very large and devoted (mostly male) fan base.

I’m more impressed with this woman’s upper body strength.

charmion 2

I wish we had more images of women in the media today that reflected women as strong individuals as well as being considered sexy much like Charmion was at the time.

You can catch the video of her performance here.

Unfortunately, I’m having a hard time finding out more information about this lady beyond what I have here, but if I find more in the future I’ll be sure to update this post.