Chloe Kim

by noticingbones

Chloe Kim (image via

Chloe Kim (image via

While I know everyone is probably gearing up for the Olympics, and while all of those athletes are awesome and deserve posts of their own, it seemed like it would be nice to showcase another young athlete who has been making waves this year.

Chloe Kim recently made history as one of the youngest medalists ever at the X Games.  She placed silver competing against many women twice her age.  In a couple years when she is eligible she could easily be Olympic bound.

Kim’s competitor, Kelly Clark, managed to secure her fourth gold at the X games, but it wasn’t easy maintaining that position.  Kim gave Clark a run for her money with an array of big, masterful tricks.  However, Kim seems to have such a fun-loving and humble attitude about her amazing skill:

The other women snowboarders are very inspirational, so I love competing with them, and to be on the podium with them is just so exciting and awesome.

Kim started on a snowboard when she was four years old and started competing at six. She was on Team Mountain High out of California when she was six and seven. Then she trained in Valais, Switzerland from eight to ten years old.

Looking at her stats, she seems to place 1st and 2nd in most of the events that she competes in.  You should watch her in action yourself:

I’m looking forward to see how this young athlete progresses.

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